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're really going out of their way to, like, scare us and to intimidate us. it's like, what did we do? really, i wasn't violent. i would totally not support any kind of violent protest. >> reporter: police closed the plaza. many businesses, though, were open but suffering with empty tables. >> nobody can come in and have lunch with us. >> reporter: right now back out here live there are a lot of cars going through. as you can hear right here are honking in support of the protesters. this does not look like it will be wrapping up any time soon. we did want to let you know that the sheriff's department tells us those people who have been arrested have been cited and released. they're not being held. so far, scenes here pretty peaceful and a lot of people are hoping it stays that way. >> and our live coverage continues with a look from high above thanks to news chopper 2. this is a look at a very large crowd, gathered at snow park in oakland. it's on the north side of lake myriad. again, this group is back at snow park. snow park was the site of a smaller secondary protest in addition to what wa
square. 17 people injured. a firefighter told us one of the trains ran a red signal and hit nose to nose with the coast star light train that was stopped at the station platform. >> we look for causes wherever there are accidents like that it is easy to blame the engineer or conductor or whoever is involved but the bottom line is there is more to the story than most folks might think. >> reporter: there were 150 passengers on the two trains. most of injuries were bumps and bruises and the serious is a broken arm. >>> a lockdown after a mountain lion was spotted near campus and one in a parking lot a my away. now, one person even got a picture of it. >> reporter: there were a few tension moments as fish and game wardens converged on this wooded area behind the parking lot here. a man reported seeing a mountain lion after 1:00 in a field next to the buffalo wild wings restaurant on monte vista avenue. they did not find evidence of a mountain lion in the area and say they don't know if the sighting was of the same mountain lion reportedly seen near an elementary school a mile away. >> our
. we are live at the dispense or and he says the u.s. -- dispenseory and he says the u.s. department says they near violation of the law. >> reporter: they are saying this medical marijuana dispensory is too close to that ballpark across the parking lot. >> it is nice organic marijuana. >> reporter: the medical dispensory has been running 14 years. her land lord received this letter a week ago saying he had to kick out the dispensory or else. >> he is evicting us or facing 40 years seizure of his property and all assets. >> reporter: there are appellants are illegal drug activity within 1,000 feet of school or a playground. >> it is not a playground it is a park. i have a contract with the town, a use permit. >> reporter: the federal government does not recognize california's medical marijuana law. she is one of 16dispen -- one of 16 dispensory fighting this. >> reporter: the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws says this is just the latest in a round of attacks on medical marijuana from the federal government. >> the barack obama administration is afraid that
. it included the assassination of the ambassador to the united states and the is raleigh embassies. u.s. attorney general eric holder said the plan was directed by the iran government. senior administration officials said the u.s. would hold iran accountable but the response would not include the possibility of military action. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script and many lives would have been lost. >> reporter: two men have been charged in federal court in connection with the plot. one is under arrest. he's a natural u.s. citizen. they are calling it a fabrication and we talked with an expert here in the bay area and he says he has no doubt iran supported the plot. the senior fellow, he says factions in iran are always guided by the government. he wonders why u.s. officials did not immediately announce a more vigorous response to iran. >> it's as if we're announcing a tennis score of a match instead of saying this is what we're going to do: are we going to the united nations? >> they said america may need to step up response because iran is in his words the most saxe
died, far away for us. >> reporter: he was walking home from a party last year with his fiance. two robbers attacked them. killing him. it was his #3e8 birthday 28th birthday. >> it's -- 38th birthday. >> it's hard to believe we will not see him again. >> it has received a lot of attention and the government has requested me to look after this case and support family. >> reporter: the family came hoping people here in the bay area will help them. >> very terrible for us. horrible. i'm not angry . i want justice. >> reporter: police say that the suspects are the descriptions are vague but strongly believe that somebody out there knows something about this homicide. there is a $20,000 reward. you can remain anonymous and help give this family some measure of peace. jana katsuyama, channel 2 news. >> the bay area preparing for a wet week as early rainstorms are expected to intensify throughout the week. public work crews were out today clearing debris from gutters to clear the way for the runoff. the highway patrol is urging motorists to drive carefully. the chp says the number of acc
but other workers will have their hours reduced. >> trying to take everything away from us. they want good patient satisfaction for us but want layoffs. >> i talked by phone and they asked for proof that the drop off is more than a seasonal drop that happens every summer and they have yet to receive the proof. a mother of a patient expretsed concern. >> reporter: as a parent i would be concerned about layoffs. we need all of the nurses that we can get. >> they came out through my urinary tract and painful. >> reporter: he had painful kidney stones and heed the care was excellent. he understands the challenges of this economy. >> hospital is like any other business. you have to look at the overhead, cost relative to what it has to do. >> they need more nurses, not less. just in time for flu season. back to you. >>> wall street ended the 3 -- 3rd quarter says they earned less but spent more. it rose .2%. incomes fell 1/10th of a%. the poorest showing in two years. the data shows that people are tapping into their savings to pay for everyday expenses. >>> on wall street, the dow dropped 24
summer. i didn't think it was going to rain much at all. >> reporter: a lot of people used pinehurst road to get from oakland over the hill. police tell me they expect the tree will be cleared out and then the road can open back up. >>> chief meteorologist bill martin will be here in 20 minutes with details. you can get live updates any time on >>> the occupy wall street movement has spread to downtown oakland. the rain did not prevent demonstrators from gathering. participants say they wanted to show similarity and speak out against the disparity of everyday people making end meet. >> we're not lazy or stupid or anything. we're trying to get jobs and we can't get jobs. >> occupy wall street protest now under way in cities across california, including berkeley. >>> in san jose the occupy protesters are a determined group. people are all walks of life joined the protest. he was there to support college friends with degrees who you were unable to find work. another man taking part, saying the occupy site is getting at least hundreds e-mails day. >>> around the nation the anti
of activity going on here. the mayor told us she wants to speak to campers out here but if it happens it will come after they already heard from film maker michael moore. oakland mayor's leadership was questioned by filmmaker, michael moore. more joined occupy oakland today. >> and we will not tolerate our fellow citizens being treat thad way by the people that we fund with our tax dollars. >> reporter: just 30 minutes earlier inside of city hall the mayor was admittingy regrets about tuesday night's police action in the plaza. >> i apologize because people were hurt. >> reporter: she would not, however, say why the cities allowed the tents to go back up and how long they will stay. she emphasized the need to speak with campers. an attempt that she tried last night. >> nobody, nobody wanted anybody to be hurt. this is a progressive city. we have been doing our best to support the overall movement. >> reporter: this veteran, scott olson, was hit by a police canister on tuesday night and remains in the hospital. howard jordan, who joined the mayor this afternoon, was not able to spea
in oakland when police repeatedly used tear gas to disperse a group of about a thousand people. protesters and police squared off. they arrested 97 people. at about 5:00 p.m., oakland mayor made her first comments about last night's violent confrontation. the question tonight will be the final balance between what the mayor called the best and the worst of oakland. one of the occupy protesters is hospitalized tonight in critical condition after one of the non-lethal connisters thrown by police exploded in his face. we're live at high land hospital with our own video that appears to show the officer throwing the object at the crowd directly around the man. >> reporter: i talked to one of his roommates. he says tonight scott is in critical condition, but he is stable. i want to show you a picture that he just shared with us of scott. this is scott olsen, the marine who was injured. we do have that video that shows the moment last night when he was hurt. it was chaotic. and scott olsen who's seen two tours of war in iraq found himself on the ground at home at the occupy oakland protest. peopl
entertainment has been using temporary workers here to set up for the event because of the labor dispute. >> reporter: san francisco police were call inside but no one was cited. then, late in the day the stage hands union got word of a settlement. >> this picket line is over. thank you, all. solidarity forever. >> reporter: the union president says the mayor's office got both sides talks again. >> when it comes to this action it is a matter of huge communication break down. that is not good. we should have all worked together. >> reporter: the promoters are pleased and happy concertgoers will not walk by picket hines this weekend. >> it is a very uncommon situation. we are glad to have it behind us and look forward to the beautiful weekend ahead. >> promoters are predicting 15,000 people a day will make their way to treasure island to hear music from a number of indy rock bands including "death cab for cutie." vendors say they watched this event grow every year. >> we are looking forward to this the most. mostly the weather. last year it rained on sunday and that was not fun. >> repo
oakland police officers were involved many the beating and following coverup, they want the u.s. attorney's office to pursue charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. >> he was 36 years old when he died, oakland officials approved a 1 $1.7 million settlement. >> we believe that this matter should be sent to the u.s. attorney's office. this case is the worst. it's wrong on every respect. >> it happened at the intersection of 73rd and holly street. police arrested him here, they said he was beat up by gang members, he said he was beat up by police. he died a month after the arrest in this house. he told his family and a physician that police beat him and kicked him while he was on the ground. the cause of death pneumonia due to rib fractures. >> officers knew, investigators knew from the very beginning that jerry was beat up by the police. >> every single one of the people who were there that night are still in law enforcement. almost all of them are still with the oakland police department. >> ed has been promoted to a captain here at the oakland police department. meanwhile, the fam
. they told us so far the protest hasn't caused vendors to lose their spaces. for continuing coverage of the protest including other actions around the bay area. click on the tab at the top of our homepage at >>> now to our economy watch and tonight apple shares are taking a hit in after hours trading following an earnings announcement that fell short of expectations. they posted earnings of more than 6 and a half billion dollars. that's up 50% from a bit ago but short of what analysts expected. apple sold 17 million iphone over the quarter which ended in september and does not include sales of the new 4 s. shares are down more than 6%. >>> yahoo announced lackluster earnings with revenue falling 5%. shares of the company closed down 1 and a half% but are up slightly in after hours trading. >> the irs is investigating offshore deals that helped goggle avoid paying income taxes. it includes youtube back in 2006. they cut the tax bill by about $1 billion by shifting profits offshore. goggle calls it routine. >>> optimism returned to wall street by new signs europe can't find
to honor the visionary cofounder. >>> 10 years ago today u.s. coalition forces invaded afghanistan in response to the september 11th terrorist attacks. almost 1700 americans have died there since the war began. 100,000 u.s. troops are currently deployed in afghanistan. first certainty john hansen just finished a tour in afghanistan he tuesday has h an -- he said it had an impact on his family. >> i missed part of my family's life, 3-1/2 years. >> it has been a sacrifice for the family. but i think it made us stronger and choser in different ways. >> it meant that we had to come together as a unit. >> reporter: the pentagon plans to withdrawal the troops next year and turn military control over to afghanistan in 2014. >>> california's children are going to have to spend another two years riding in safety seats. governor brown assigned a bill requiring them to use it until they are eight years old or taller than 4 '9. >>> surveillance video offers new proof of mountain lions. where these big kalts were found. -- cats were found. >>> the high school game of the week is royal at bisho
revolt and 40 years of tyranny. there will be struggles as the country moves towards democracy. >> let us recognize, immediately, that this is only the end of the beginning. the road ahead for libya and its people will be difficult and full of challenges. >> president barack obama said nato's mission in the country will end but the united states will still stand behind libya. >> you have won your revolution. and now we will be a partner as you forge a future that provides dignity, freedom and opportunity. >> reporter: barbara hall, reporting. >> many libyan americans here in the bay area are celebrating the end of the regime after 48 years in power. a fremont family spent much of the day scanning television coverage of events waiting until they were satisfied that he was gone. confirmation of the death generated a rush of emotion. >> now, they feel like they belong to the country and it is theirs. gadhafi stole that from them. >> reporter: the national muslim group, care, says the important thing is the libyan people hold their own destiny. >>> the liberation of libya began with a sprin
was involved with the simms race way. >> we lost a good guy. >> dennis is a fire safety guy. he took us out on a track check. he did the same drill on the loss having as speed way. the chances of a similar crash here are slim. they are not getting up to 225 miles per hour. there is an an going effort to make the tracks and cars safer. noel walker. >>> a former sheriff's deputy says he has paid the price. he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a girl. he did 800 hours of community service and wants his three month probation terminated early. >> he faceed huge consequences. he shouldn't just take them and live with them. >> counsel's attorney says the client wants to apply for other law enforcement positions. >>> this school is striking back after burglars, harassny, and graffiti. a play section was set on fire two weekends in a row. the damage is at $50,000 per school. >>> now, to san francisco where school officials say a new program is hell h helping. they have announcing the results of a pilot program. program. it focused on 20 freshman. case managers worked with each student and th
tower. news chopper 2 has this arial view. they'll be used for a ski lift type section. >> it will grab sections of the main cable and pull them all the way across where the cable needs to be so they can be put in place over the next year. >> reporter: not an easy feet. the steel cable is made up of more than 17,000 wires measuring 5 millimeters each. it will haul sections of the cable up and over to the bridge tower to the other side where it will wrap around. >> we'll do that one 37 times un -- 137 times until the cable is in place. we're putting our final pieces in places right now. we have two left. there were 452 originally on the sky way. >> reporter: a spokesman says crews are in place to complete in the next few weeks. the cable will go up by january. a high wire act among the thousands of vehicles that pass by each day. >>> today's beautiful clear weather is helping them stay on schedule and they're aiming to open the bridge in 2 13. -- 2013. >> a mass murder today. 8 people are dead and a 9th is seriously injured after a gunman opened fire in a crowded salon in the town o
amounts of cash for his own use. he drew out about $10,000 each year. in 2008, more than 50 $50 thousand. another $9700 in 2009. >> we thought it might be a few $2009. >> we thought it might be a few thousand dollars here and there. we encounters a significant amount of theft going on. >> he was dismissed prior to the investigation for an unrelated reason. a current officer was also arrested for embezzling about $40 thousand acting as treasurer. >> he had a check for $10,000 we traced to his personal bank account. >> reporter: a friend asked not to be on camera and said she was in shock. >> it's hard for me to believe. he will always be the one to keep you out of trouble or give you the right advice. >> reporter: bail was set at 25 $25 thousand. one was released this evening. he's scheduled to be in court wednesday afternoon. >> a big turn out is expected at today's oakland city council meeting which talks about a measure to combat violence. a teen curfew would prohibit minors from being outside between 11:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. on friday and saturday. exemptions are made for teens
doctor gave us an update a short time ago. olson he got a visit from his parent who's flew in from out of town. >> he blossomed. it really helped. it was clear that he absolutely under stood who was there and he could communicate with them by guesture and by everything but the spoken word. he could write so he is processing information effectively. >> reporter: olson is alert and breathing on his own at this point. this is two days after injured during a protest in downtown oakland. the iraq war veteran, hit by a projectile in the head. his doctors say he suffered a two inch skull fracture that caused swelling on his brain. he has not had many visitors but aside from his parents we found out that he got a visit from the oakland mayor. >> she did share with him that she was sorry at what happened. she did share with him that they were going to have some sort of investigation in what happened. >> reporter: you can see this sreugit as we come back live. in honor of scott olson. people lighting candles in his honor. he is dog better. we found out today at the hospital expected to make a
in one oakland neighborhood to tell us why the residents are so angry. >> reporter: some of the petition signatures came from right here as well as throughout the city. i called the city clerk and she told me that the last time they had a petition for a recall effort was back in the 1950s for a city counsel position. >>> they filed their position with the mayor's office and oakland city clerk. organizers say they collected 71 signatures who want to recall mayor kquan. they fault the mayor for public clashes. >> it is real clear the people of oakland want to recall her because she has ignored the city's most pressing issues. >> we have crime and people leaving this city by the horse. >> her assistant said she was out of business and had no comment. going over the recall petition we pinpointed on this map. each person who signed their name. petition organizers admit they never voted for her in the first place. so we asked those who did vote for her and what they think. >> it's very disappointing because i did vote for her. i thought there would be change in the neighborhoods and stuff. but
announcing today that u.s. troops, now stationed in iraq, are coming home before the end of this year. the president said 39,000 troops, who remain in iraq, will be in the united states by the holidays. ending the 9-year conflict with a signature pledge of the president's campaign for the white house. >> the last american soldier will cross the border out of iraq with their head's held high, proud of their success and knowing the american people stand unite inside our support for our -- united in support for our troops. >> some think it is a mistake but iraq would not promise immunity in prosecution. >> some say it could not come soon enough. we spoke with a bay area mother who's son is serving overseas. >> i only know he is on a mission because there is no facebook activity. >> reporter: she shared photos from her son's facebook page. he grew up in oakland and now a medic stationed in kuwait. >> it is a relief. i would like to see him not going into iraq again. i don't know what will happen every time they have a mission. >> i was the author of the provision of the law that indicate
. he told us he is not ready to talk yet. in san francisco, people told us jobs will be remembered for how he changed the way technology is used. >> i think we're going to remember him as someone who's completely powerful, great. he changed technology like unbelievably crazy. >> i think he's going to be remembered as someone who really understood what the consumer wanted n terms of design, usability, functionality. kept that laser sort of pose the entire time. >> apple released a statement saying his brilliant energy and countless ininnovations. our hearts go to his family and all those touched by his extraordinary gift. you can find more at we post'd a special tab with a slide show and an interactive time line looking back on his life. >>> our continuing coverage in the south bay, a man suspected of shooting and killing three coworkers. we have a photo of the suspect. witnesses identify him as armed and dangerous. he shot nine people at the kooper turks no. he tied to take sunnyville and cupertino area. it has been closed off for hours and not a dropoff at all. this scen
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21